Chances are, safety and performance were two things on your mind when you bought your BMW. Some say these two characteristics define the soul of a BMW. These ideals should not be compromised after your BMW is in an accident.

What most people don’t realize is that you have the right to decide how your BMW is repaired, and what parts should be used. As a factory certified repair facility, the BMW Concord CCRC only uses factory authorized procedures to bring your BMW back to pre-accident condition. A big part of these procedures are the use of BMW OEM parts. These parts carry a 2 year warranty from the factory, and meet all the BMW performance and safety specifications as the parts originally used in the production of your vehicle.

Don’t settle for the use of after market parts or procedures. Let us keep your BMW Genuine by using BMW OEM Parts.


Be sure to contact our friends at the BMW Concord Parts Department for any questions about BMW OEM Parts.