Windshield Replacement

Looking to repair or replace? We provide our clear view.

Damage to your BMW’s windshield is more than just a distraction. Damage from road debris can reduce the integrity of your windshield, impair your vision and jeopardize your safety.

Why consider Windshield Replacement?

The windshield is an important part of every BMW vehicle and a priority safety feature. The BMW windshield was built with the highest BMW standards in mind. If your windshield is in dire need of replacement or minor repair, we offer comprehensive BMW windshield replacement service on-site that won’t void any windshield features or warranties.

What’s the difference between BMW Glass and Aftermarket?

Aftermarket glass is made to fit on different cars while the BMW glass is cut specific to your vehicle’s year and model.

Aftermarket glass can adversely impact a BMW vehicle’s Rain Sensor, Light Sensor, Condensation Sensor, Heads-Up Display, Lane Departure Warning, and Climate Control.

BMW provides a 2 year unlimited mileage warranty or the balance of the new vehicle warranty period, on all OEM factory glass, covering defects and labor.

Questions to ask your insurance company

Does the company want you to use BMW Glass Certified?

Will they use BMW glass and a BMW install kit?

Chip Windshield Repair from BMW

Most windshield damage is repairable. If it is beyond repair, the windshield can be replaced using Original BMW Parts. Visit the BMW Concord Collision Center for windshield repair or replacement.